At Tassea, our aim is to conserve and protect the natural resources of Tasmania by encouraging sustainable food production and offering niche suppliers a global marketplace for their goods.

Every product we represent symbolises the very best of its kind available, including the famous Tasmanian delicacy, abalone, which is recognised around the world for its excellence.

Our quality assurance programme ensures that, from harvest to table, only the very best produce reaches our customers.


Transworld Resources Limited, an Isle of Man incorporation and part of the Transworld Group of companies, created the 'Tassea' brand to be synonymous with a range of the finest Tasmanian foods and beverages, where the sustainability and quality is assured through all stages from harvesting, through processing to table.

From the famous Tasmanian wild abalone, to rock lobster and red snapper, as well as fine cheeses, honeys, mountain fresh waters, fine wines and truffles, Tassea represents the very best in fresh natural quality food and beverages.

Transworld Resources is adamant in equipping Tassea with not only the finest Tasmanian resources but also setting a strict quality assurance and tracking regime from source to table, ensuring the greatest possible consumer experience.

Steve Cummins, Transworld Group

So whether it is sublime shellfish or the finest fish, meat or dairy produce, the Tassea brand will be the symbol of freshness and quality on tables across the world.

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We are currently refining the selection of products that will feature the Tassea brand, and we will launch these very soon.

If you are a supplier and would like to discuss opportunities for developing your products globally, then please contact us.


Lying off the south east corner of mainland Australia, the State of Tasmania is renowned globally for its pristine environment and superb fresh foods, including its wild seafood, dairy, condiments, wines and speciality foods.

Its cool climate and fertile soils make it an ideal location for some of the best produce to be harvested, and with excellent transport links through Tasmania and across Australia, it is well positioned to support swift export into global markets.


From Harvest to Table, an exclusive look into the exquisite produce behind the Tassea brand.

Just south of Australia's mainland lies the pristine Island state, Tasmania, known for its rich bounty of produce and natural beauty. Often described as a foodie's paradise, Tasmania is a cultivator of fine gourmet foods and wines.

We created the Tassea brand to exclusively feature Tasmanian foods. We support niche Tasmanian operators in our hunt for some of the finest produce available. Aged cheese, succulent wild abalone, mountain fresh waters, rich truffles, fragrant honeys and many others, are all among the fine products Tassea will be showcasing.

The launch of Tassea's new website will eventually allow for direct purchasing and tracking in a bid to make our produce more available. Our quality assurance programme ensures that, from harvest to table, only the very best produce reaches our customers.

As Tassea continues to source and prepare the finest foods for launch, we are also on the lookout for new products that meet our high standards. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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